Quality Control

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Quality Control

SK Power Tech Co., Ltd always ensures consistent quality even though in mass production. We enforce the strictest policy and detailed steps in each and every manufacturing process.

All of our engineers and staff are well trained before they are assigned to their daily tasks and only qualified engineers are allowed to be in the manufacturing team, which will include drawing of turbocharger using CAD/CAM software, designing of the mould and tooling, machining, balancing and assembly line.

At the assembly plant, all engineers will thoroughly check the wheel sizes for both compressor and turbine wheel. The inducer and exducer of the wheels are then checked again using OE housings to ensure interchangeability. With this, the profiles of the wheels are also guaranteed correct according to the OE standard.

Meanwhile in the Quality Control department, all compressor housings and turbine housings are checked and tested again to ensure correct hole sizes for fitting purposes. SK Power Tech Co., Ltd engineers will also check for any porosity, corrosion, uneven surface, blockage and also poor material. If any of these are found on the housings, SK Power Tech Co., Ltd will strictly reject these goods. Only perfect and high quality goods will leave SK Power Tech Co., Ltd warehouse to be shipped to our customers. We will also check the actuator and waste gate to ensure our products do not suffer any loss of power or over boosting during turbocharger's lifespan.

A special detection method is used for the testing of the actuator with the correct pressure and boost. As the actuator is very critical towards a turbocharger’s performance, SK Power Tech Co., Ltd engineers will check the reading twice to ensure the performance of the turbocharger. Subsequently, we will also ensure that all aspects of the turbochargers including rotor assembly processes are well balanced to factory specification. The elimination of oil or water leakage in water-cooled bearing and tools are used to endure the quality and the tolerance labels of the turbocharger. Lastly, once the product is ready to be shipped out from the plant, all SK Power Tech Co., Ltd products are attached with a serial number to enhance our brand as well as for the product protection purposes.

Quality Control